Useful Information


The training event does not have any designated hotel. You are free to book your own hotel in Tel Aviv. We recommend the hotels that are on the Tel Aviv Beach (around the Yarkon area). They are near the beach (which is always nice) and are easily accessible to and from the university via the 25 bus line. The Atlas hotel chain has several recommended hotels in various prices. Other booking sites such as and offer many options around Tel Aviv.



Visa is required for citizens of a very small number of countries, but unfortunately, Yemen and Iran are on that list. It is possible to get a visa to citizens of these states, and we would provide help in the process. Residents of other countries, such as EU member countries and Eastern European countries, generally do not need to get a visa.


Airports and transportation

The closest airport to Tel Aviv is Ben Gurion Airport (TLV). The airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Most international flights depart and land at Terminal 3, and some budget airlines fly from Terminal 1. A shuttle service connects the two terminals and the train station is located at Terminal 3.

If traveling to Tel Aviv from the airport, the train from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv usually appears to be the cheapest way to the city, however, from the station in Tel Aviv you invariably require a taxi or bus as the stations are on the edge of the city which can boost travel time and cost. Another option is using airport shuttles that drop directly at hotels.

Israel Railways run all trains in Israel with the Ben Gurion Airport station in Terminal 3 and trains are a strong connection to Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion Airport. Trains in Israel do not run during Shabbat, stopping on a Friday afternoon and not resuming until late on Saturday evening. Therefore, if you are traveling to a destination not served by Sherut, you have to take either an airport shuttle. taxi or rental car during Shabbat.



Please note that when entering many public areas in Israel, such as universities, rail terminals, shopping malls, your bags may be searched or X-rayed. You may also be checked with a metal detector wand. Also, you may be asked to present a photo ID. Please make sure to carry one with you.